Friday, November 13, 2009


I really feel like the Lord has impressed it upon my heart to be one that walks on the paths through the wilderness. To be one that lives by few words spoken, and more seeking. That my power and anointing is not going to come like a rushing wind, or some crazy manifest spirit. But I’m to be a faithful servant of a burning lamp, that keeps the fire burning by cultivating oil time and time again. Though periodically there may be times of great fillings, it will come through the mundane faithfulness in serving, as in serving Christ. The Lord privileged me to be raised in a way where I don’t need the crazy break throughs, but simply always trusting Him! That my Faith and Power is a slow rolling snowball affect. Though I am moving slow, I am continuing to press on with endurance gaining more volume, more mass as I roll

The place of surrender, obedience, and wilderness. The road, and most of the time path, of humility, traveled by few, mostly overgrown, hard to recognize. But with my sword I break and cut every vine that stands in the way, and keep pressing on! I probably won’t see many companions along the way, but there is one that sticks closer than a brother, with Him I will walk, with Him I will travel, lead me on this journey Lord. I commit to walk this path.

This leading to the wilderness that I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks I believe is directly related with the way I will be using my tongue. As 2009 has been a year of prayer for me, I believe 2010 holds a journey of learning to be a man of few words, and a man born in the wilderness. To live in such a way where I take the secrets that the Lord whispers to my heart, and pray and meditate on them in that wilderness of silence. In this way to start letting these things become kindling fires in my spirit, that would grow to be bonfires of passion for the Lord as I cultivate them and savor their taste in my inner man. More than anything this season of my life may be a chastening and disciplining, but I know that the Lord disciplines those He loves. Though it may be painful at the moment that it will go on to produce a harvest of righteousness and peace. This only increases my assurance that I am a son of the most high, for what father that loves his children does not discipline them. In the same way I am a son whom my Father loves, therefore will be disciplined and loved much, that I might love much.