Saturday, April 23, 2011

I love the promise of coming Life.

Just recently it seems that I have had a few different couple friends that are pregnant.  My mind still cannot comprehend how the Lord made the human body so complex, that 9 months after conception a baby is born from a mother's womb.  Even more mind boggling than pondering human life, is the fact that Jesus, was born, Jesus was a baby, Jesus became a man!  Insane!

What was Mary thinking the day she had Jesus?  Did she fully know the mystery that just come from her belly?  If she knew that her baby was God, did it terrify her to think about trying to raise him properly?  I can't imagine being Joseph and trusting the Lord through all the accusations from surrounding families.  How was he able to keep his heart from offense before the Lord?

I want to spend more time meditating around the birth and early days of Jesus.

Here's a few more pics from my shoot with my friends CJ and Christina.  Love them People!



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eric & Keyolla, Shawn & Teyolla

Eric and Shawn are both great friends of mine.  Twins as you can gather, and they are marrying twins =]  So excited for them!  I got to spend a little time getting to know Keyolla and Teyolla while we were doing the engagement shoot.  Seemed like I was taking pictures of best friends.  Made my job really easy!

Ready...Switch couples!


And again...

Back to Eric and Keyolla...

back to Shawn & Teyolla


This is Eric and Keyolla if you can't tell =]

This is why I love taking pictures =]