Monday, April 19, 2010

Allen Hood Sharing about Boston

How amazing it was to be apart of this trip!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boston Trip

I made it back to Kansas City this afternoon after a long week out on the east coast in Boston. The Lord did some incredible work in the hearts of the people out there! There was about 300 give or take IHOPU students that were out there with me, along with another 100 people that were from the area with local ministries.

For about four days straight we hit inner city Boston hard with evangelism outreaches on the subways, buses, and different college campuses. It was an experience with evangelism like I've never had before! One of the days that stuck out to me so much was Wednesday as we were ministering at the Harvard campus. As we were walking to the subway we saw a couple of older gentlemen sitting on one of the park benches. One of the men was on crutches, so instantly a few girls walked up and asked him if they could pray for healing. The man promptly responded that someone had already prayed for him, but the man next to him said that he would like prayer.

As of the girls was praying for him the Lord gave me a word for him. After she was done praying for healing I shared what I felt like the Lord was feeling about him. When I finished he told me thank you with the sort of voice that sounded as if he were about to cry. I knew that the Lord had opened up a opportunity to share the gospel with him. So I was able to present the salvation message of Jesus to him and lead him in a prayer of acceptance of Christ into his life. After finishing this one of the girls asked him if he had struggled with thoughts of depression at all. He said that he was currently on anti-depressiants and often felt unhappy, or upset. The girl in our group shared with him that she had been delivered of 16 years of suicidal thoughts, and that the Lord desired to heal him emotionally as well. We were able to pray for him for this as well, and after finishing he lifted up his face and it was as if we were looking at a different person. He was so happy and told us he felt much different on the inside, that he actually felt happiness and joy! As we walked away he was smiling so big, and what a joy in all of our hearts that this man had stepped into the family of Christ, and was no longer bound by depression!

That same day I actually shared the good news of Jesus on the subway on our way to Harvard. After I finished a couple of the girls from our team shared a few testimonies and offered to pray for anyone that needed healing in their body. A girl on the subway responded to the call for healing, and ended up receiving Jesus into her life that day as well!

Finally arriving at Harvard we split up into different groups and started talking to different people in the area. Our group was walking in the park right next to the campus talking to people sitting in on the benches.

As we were walking I felt like the Lord highlighted a couple that was sitting on a park bench. As I started conversation with the couple I asked them if there was anything they needed prayer for, as I did they both started crying, and could not believe that the Lord knew they needed encouragement and sent someone to pray for them. It was so amazing to see the Lord's perfect leadership, and how this divine appointment was so timely! They were both christians and going through a rough time in their marriage and really needed a word from the Lord. We were able to prophecy over both of them and pray for them. As I walked away I was in awe of the Lord how in His perfect leadership, this couple who was 2,000 miles away from home visiting Boston needed a word, and me being 1,500 miles from KC meet in the park at just the same moment! God's leadership still never ceases to amaze me!!! The way He cares so much about the needs of His people.

That is just to share a few experiences that I had while in Boston, the Lord absolutely blew me away as I watched heart after heart come into the knowledge of the Lord's saving grace. Each night as we met back together and shared different stories of what the Lord did, it was so encouraging to hear the stories of the Lord breaking into lives and bringing restoration and healing! What an AMAZING trip!


Monday, April 5, 2010

In Boston

I drove 24 hours over the past 2 days with 3 other people from my school in Kansas City, and am now in Boston for the next week doing different evangelism projects and school evangelism outreaches. Please pray for our teams here in Boston as there are about 400 students from my school here participating in this outreach. The Lord is going to do some amazing things this next week. I'm excited to be apart of it!

Strength & Honor,
Grace & Peace.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet Picture

I took this picture on Saint Patricks day. I love it!
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