Friday, September 21, 2012


Plausible that I haven't written a blog entry in over a year? Yes.  I repent.

Now that we're through that I can write with a clear mind.

It is comical that I haven't written in so long, because one could mistaken my silence for something as simple as, "Well, maybe he hasn't had anything to write about."  Which wouldn't be accurate at all.  

Lack of motivation?  Maybe.

Lack of content?  I've never convinced myself I have that good of things to say.

But really, it has been one of the most busy, dramatic years of my life!  We've missed an entire year of life in IHOPU (books could be written on this topic), an entire year of my social life of dating Cherish Anderson, a new part time career with Apple Retail, not to mention travel, Jesus, living arrangements, purchasing first car, roommates getting married, best friend and sister getting married soon...

This is a mess.  To many words, so little space.  So it will have to wait till my next post.

I promise, I will be back soon.  This is me holding myself accountable by beginning the process of starting to blog again!


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