Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Life of a Mountain Man continued [Buena Vista, CO]

It's been quite the adventure thus far being out here in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  This past week I finished up my 2 weeks of training for the summer as a guide staff.  I am now Wilderness First Aid certified, CPR certified, a general understand of rocky mountain climates, and a general understanding of rocking climbing and repelling systems and knots.  I have enjoyed learning the practicalness of all the different life skills I am gaining.  Spending more and more time in the mountains and getting the experience to go with the training has started giving me a confidence in my ability to survive in the backcountry.

Half of being a successful guide and backpacker is simply knowing how to prepare for any conditions you may encounter.  Making sure that you have done all that you can on the front end to be prepared for the worst.  Everything from food and water, to having plenty of layers and shells.  There has been some days we've been on the trail and it's 65 and sunny, and that night it drops down to 30 degrees and a blizzard!  Just this past week we were spending a day out on the cliff face climbing and repelling, the morning was sunny and a good temperature, by about 12:30pm a snow storm had moved in and we were scrambling to get off the rock!  Visibility was probably about 25 feet, and wind gusts were attempting to blow us off the mountain at 20 to 30 mph!  Luckily I went with my gut that morning and packed an extra fleece and my wind shell, my hands took the brunt of the weather as we scrambled to get all of our gear packed up.

 It's been alot of fun learning how to cook different meals when backpacking.  So far I've learned how to make mac and cheese, chicken alfredo, and beef and potato pie from scratch using ingredients that are easy to pack and not spoil.  Also making rice krispy treats on the trail has become a good treat for around the campfire on chilly nights =)

This next week I'll be hiking another fourteener with my first group of ROTC cadets.  I'm really excited to speak truth and identity into the lives of men and women that are hungry for the Lord.  The Lord is so kind in the way that He continues to lead my heart and show me the value of my time here.  I'm so in love with this man Jesus, may He have all of my affections.

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